Scottsdale Before the Veil: Scottsdale Bachelorette Party – Part 2

Hey ladies! We’re back this week with part 2 of our Scottsdale Before the Veil Bachelorette Party guide. If you missed part 1 where we discussed all the details, location, and decor, you can check it out here.

This week we’re talking about what we did in Scottsdale. Many of these activities involved staying at our Air BnB due to Covid.

Day 1:

We both arrived to Scottsdale on Thursday morning. First thing we did was stop at Postino – one of Makenzie’s favorite restaurants ever and a must for any Phoenix/Scottsdale trip. We got their specialty, bruchetta boards and they were delicious. After fueling up, we went grocery shopping for the house. We wanted to stock the house full of snacks, drinks, and even some meals so that we could stay-in. Pro-tip: plan your grocery list prior to your bachelorette weekend to minimize the time spent shopping. We split the price with all the girls in attendance since we’d all be sharing the food. We also asked the girls for requests prior to the grocery trip.

Next, we went to the house to organize and decorate. This took a few hours, but luckily we were able to get early check-in before the bride arrived so that we could get everything ready to surprise her. It took about 3 hours to get everything ready. Once everyone arrived, they toured the house, we got ready for dinner, and then we took pics (duh).

For our first dinner (it was pretty late) we were unable to make a reservation, but we went to the Montauk. The Montauk is an American/Cape Cod type restaurant with great drinks and a great night-time atmosphere. Bars we’re closed at the time, but this restaurant gave us a going-out feel. We ordered a ton of appetizers for the table, some of our favorites were: chips and onion dip, deviled eggs, and mac and cheese. The food was delicious. We ended up splitting the fish tacos and the burger and they we’re both so good. Definitely recommend this restaurant!

Day 2:

On Friday morning, Makenzie made breakfast at the house and we all enjoyed and drank coffee. Then, we had massages at the house. Megan really wanted a relaxing bachelorette so this was the perfect activity. We used Beauticians on the Go and set up the massages in advance. They were so good and professional, and we would definitely recommend them for in-home services. Then, we all went swimming. I kid you not, we were in the pool all day long. It was so fun, but so hot.

For dinner, we decided to order in using Door Dash. We ordered a bunch of food from Sauce (another one of Makenzie’s favorites). We had pizzas, salad, mac and cheese, pasta…to say we were all full afterwards is an understatement. After that, we got in our matching pajamas and we watched Married at First Site. We also played the panty game. This is a must at a bachelorette party! Basically, each girl brings a pair of wrapped panties for the bride (they can be cute or funny). The bride then opens up each gift and tries to guess who they are from. If she guesses wrong, she has to drink and if she guesses correctly, the gifter has to drink. It is seriously so much fun.

Day 3:

For our last day in Scottsdale, we decided to go out to brunch at Hash Kitchen. We were unable to make a reservation so we did have to wait a bit, but it was worth it. Some of their delicious menu items included: cereal shooters, mimosa flights, any hash you can imagine, and huevos rancheros. They also had a bloody mary bar and a DJ. It gave us all the bar/club vibes, but with brunch. So much fun!

Then, we came back to the house for some swimming and relaxing by the pool. We also played a game where everyone choose a song and we added it to a playlist with some other music. When your song came on, you had to finish your drink and if you didn’t you had to grab another. Just a fun way to keep the drinks flowing.

In the evening, we got ready for dinner and headed over to Diego Pops (another Makenzie favorite). If you go to Diego Pops, you have to try the Brussels Sprouts Nachos – they are to die for! Everything was really yummy, the wait was long but the food was worth it.

We hope you loved this recap of our trip to Scottsdale last month! Scottsdale holds a special place in Makenzie’s heart and we cannot wait to go back there one day! If you’re planning a bachelorette party or even just a girls trip, reach out to us with any questions, we would love to help!

BRB, planning our next trip asap!

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XOXO Kell & Mak

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