Wedding Wednesday: The Bachelorette Party – Part Two

Hello ladies! We’re back again with another Wedding Wednesday, this time talking all about the bachelorette party, part TWO. Last week we covered all the fun details on “Kellie’s Last Ride,” but this week we are here to share everything we did in Austin! We had about three full days and we jam packed everything in that we could. We did a ton of research on what to do, where to eat, and fun activities and I honestly think we made the most of everything and had the best time! Saddle up ladies, here we go!


This was the day we arrived. We landed around noon so we still had plenty of time left in the day to do everything we had planned. Out first destination was Torchy’s Tacos and WOW were the tacos delicious! Only thing is… they were HOT, like insanely HOT. I don’t think any one of us realized how spicy everything was going to be, but I definitely recommend this place as a stop next time you’re in Austin. The guac and queso were also amazing.

A few hours after we checked into the Airbnb and got settled in, we then went out and grabbed some world famous Texas BBQ at Terry Black’s. Luckily we got there before the crowd arrived because some people end up waiting hours just to eat here. Let me tell you, the food was some of the best BBQ food I’ve ever had and I’ve had a TON because BBQ is my favorite type of food. Even if the line is long, I highly recommend waiting so you can taste just how good the food is here.

After dinner we all went back to the house and started getting ready for the night. This was the night I was out excited about because I booked a private room for all of my girls at Highball Karaoke. That’s right, two hours of just us girls singing and drinking some margs! Unfortunately, the super cute and girly room I booked was having technical problems, so they had to move us into a “haunted” room which obviously wasn’t as cute, but we seriously had the best time. Not to mention the theme for this night was “fun wigs and bright dresses.” We all dressed up, some felt ridiculous, but everyone seriously looked SO cute and we received a ton of compliments from strangers as we were out on the town. This was by far my favorite night of the entire trip.

You can find our wigs and sequin dresses here.

After we ended Karaoke around 11PM, we went to Rainey Street. This street is so much fun! We went to a few bars including Container Bar, Icenhauer’s, and Unbarlievable. If there’s one thing I absolutely love, it’s dancing with all of your best girl friends. We even met Cam from the Bachelor!


This was our first full day in Austin, and it was also one of the things I was most excited about because all of us girls rented a party boat from ATX PARTY BOATS! Essentially you’re on this pontoon boat on Lake Austin with your own driver, paddle boards, a fun floating leaf, music and drinks! There’s a cove in the lake that the drivers call “the party cove” which is where all the boats link up so you can hop from boat to boat and meet new people and have fun with everyone on the lake. We originally rented the boat for three hours, but we were having so much fun we added on an extra hour! If you’re ever in Austin in the summer with a big group, I can’t recommend this enough! We had the best time and met so many people!

After recovering from the boat, we started getting ready for our second night. I had originally planned for all of us to wear our matching shirts and cowboy boots and go to The Broken Spoke, which is a famous line dancing bar in Austin. When we got there, not only was it dead inside, but they were charging a $25 cover fee and none of us wanted to pay that. So we ended up back on Rainey Street for the rest of the night and again, we had so much fun!

You can find our custom shirts here.


Ugh our last day in Austin (starts crying). We were seriously having so much fun up to this point and we didn’t want the trip to end. On our last day we decided to go to South Congress to walk around, shop and grab lunch. This street is so fun to just be a tourist. There’s a few super unique shops, and the best pizza place, Home Slice. The pizza is definitely worth the wait.

After our fun afternoon, we went back to the house and started getting ready for our last night in the city. The dress code for this night was “cocktail attire.” All of the girls dressed up in black and I wore white, traditional bachelorette party style. We went to an upscale restaurant with a country vibe, Jacoby’s, which I can’t recommend enough. It’s on the pricey side, but they had the best food and drinks! From there, we headed to the famous 6th Street, or as some would call it “Dirty Sixth.” I seriously can’t decide if we had more fun there or on Rainey Street, both were so much fun. On 6th Street we went to Green Light Social, The Ranch and Buford’s. Green Light Social had the BEST drinks (including Capri Suns) and a fun photobooth that we definitely took advantage of. We got home around 3am and from there we had a 6am wakeup call to get us to the airport in time for our flight.

We seriously had the BEST time in Austin. There’s nothing I want to do more than be able to relive that weekend. I hope that everyone gets to be surrounded by their best friends for an entire weekend at some point in their life because it truly is something special.

You can find all the bachelorette party planning/decor details on our post: Wedding Wednesday: The Bachelorette Party Part One

If you are planning your own wedding or are helping a friend and need advice, please reach out to us! I would love to offer some help throughout the process. We hope you all enjoyed this #WeddingWednesday and we can’t wait to keep sharing our insights throughout the coming weeks. 

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BRB, planning my next trip to Austin!!!

XOXO Kell & Mak

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