Wedding Wednesday: The Bachelorette Party – Part One

Hello ladies! We’re back again with another Wedding Wednesday, this time talking all about the bachelorette party. However, there’s a LOT that goes into planning an epic weekend like we had, so we decided to split this up into two parts. This week we’re going to talk about the destination, details, and the decor. Next week we’ll share all of the fun things we did during the tip. Saddle up ladies, welcome to Austin Texas!

To read about all our activities in Austin, check out our post: Wedding Wednesday: The Bachelorette Party – Part Two.


I knew I wanted to have my bachelorette party in Austin because Makenzie was always telling me how much fun it is. After running costs and all the details by my group of girls, they were on board with it as well so we decided to GO FOR IT! And man did we go for it… I feel like the entire weekend was epic, truly what every girl could want. Being surrounded by your best friends, dancing and having fun together… it doesn’t get much better than that!

Austin is amazing and I will get more into it next weekend when I share everything we did, but let me say I really think everyone needs to visit at least once in your life. Get your best group of girls or guys and plan a trip because you won’t regret it. Aside from the insane humidity, everything was amazing and we all had the best time ever.


The house I picked out was PERFECT for us! It had plenty of beds for everyone (we had 11 girls total), three bathrooms, a big backyard and a huge open kitchen and living room, which was exactly what we wanted. It was also very centrally located to everything we did which was great for Uber purposes. If you’re heading to Austin anytime soon with a large group, I highly recommend checking out this house.


I knew I wanted to gift my girls the best gifts because they spent a lot of money to be there with me and not only that, but they took time out of their busy schedules to celebrate with me. I did a ton of research and really planned exactly what I wanted that weekend to be. At the end of the day I knew I wanted everyone in a matching shirt for when we went line dancing, I wanted everyone to have a custom cup (for our white claws duh), a disposable camera because those are so much fun and a custom Austin, Texas tote to carry everything in. When we arrived to our Airbnb I assembled everything and surprised the girls with the bags a little bit later. Safe to say they loved them!

Austin City Tote: Etsy (other cities available)
Custom Drink Tumbler: Etsy
Matching Shirts: Etsy (our sold out, but these are similar)
Disposable Cameras: Amazon
Matching Shirts: Etsy (our sold out, but these are similar)


Luckily, I had the best group of girls who knew exactly what I wanted for this trip… lots of pink, tattoos of Jesse’s face and really just wanted a cute vibe to really set the weekend. When we arrived to the house, the girls took over the downstairs, setting up while I was busy with the bags. They crushed my vision and truly am so grateful for everyone one of them, especially my two Maid of Honor’s and Makenzie. The three of them made the party happen!

She Said Okurrr Balloons: Amazon
Ring Balloon: Amazon
Bride Straw: Amazon
Bride to Be Veil: ETSY
Pink Cups/Plates/Napkins: Amazon
Paper Straws: Amazon

Hey Y’all, Makenzie here! Planning the decor for Kellie’s bachelorette party was definitely a group effort. On of the maid of honors brought us all pink water bottles – she bought them in the Target dollar section and added our names with her Cricut. One of the girls brought the table runner from home and bucket to hold all our Liquid IVs (use discount code TALLGLASSOFFASHION for 25% off + free shipping). One of the maid of honors brought the confetti, whistles, straws, photo booth props, and flask. One girl made the sash using ribbon and sticker letters (let us know if you want a tutorial on this!). We put it all together to make this adorable table setting to surprise Kellie!

Gold Glitter Balloons: Amazon
Pink Balloons: Amazon
Banner: ETSY

The story of the photo backdrop is a funny one. We had planned on having a photo backdrop with the “Kellie’s Last Ride” banner and the floor length fringe curtains. We had also planned to have a bunch of balloons on Kellie’s bed and in the room she was staying in. Unfortunately, we accidentally bought the wrong backdrop size and it was on a banner so we had to make due with what we had in a very short time. I’ve linked the correct side and I definitely would recommend buying 3 or 4 to make it big enough. Basically, we just taped all the balloons to the wall and it ended up being really cute in photos!

I also made these graphics using Canva. They have a ton of templates that make graphic design super easy! I printed them out on cardstock for everyone and it was that easy. Let me know if you’d like the template, I’d be happy to share!

If you are planning your own wedding or are helping a friend and need advice, please reach out to us! I would love to offer some help throughout the process. We hope you all enjoyed this #WeddingWednesday and we can’t wait to keep sharing our insights throughout the coming weeks.

As always, be sure to follow us on Instagram @tallglassoffashion. We’ll see you there!

XOXO Kell & Mak

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