Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes

I am so excited to share my bridesmaid proposal boxes with y’all! I think bridesmaid proposal boxes or gifts are so fun and just the best way to let your bridesmaids know you appreciate all that they will do in preparation for your wedding.

I wanted to stick with the colors of my wedding: white, black and gold. I was planning on shipping all of these boxes because all of my bridesmaid live out of state, but it ended up working out that I saw six out of the eight in person shortly after putting them together so I brought all the items in suitcases with the boxes flattened and then put them back together later. Either way, I didn’t want the boxes to be to heavy.

Here’s what I put inside:

Mug – I found these adorable glass mugs on ETSY and knew I had to have them. They are customized with each girls name and a heart.

Honey Sheet Mask – sticking with the color scheme I ordered these purely because they were cute (lol).

Scrunchie – I added these oversized scrunchies, which I thought were super cute and perfect for travel.

Luggage Tags – I am obsessed with these! I got each girl a Nashville luggage tag since we’ll be going to Nashville for my bachelorette party.

Ring Pop – I ordered pink Ring Pops because Yum!

Gold Crinkle Paper – to add cuteness and shipping protection.

I also made cards on Canva to ask them to be my bridesmaids. I added a photo of me and each girl and then a message. It was super easy to make and I printed them myself on card stock.

I closed up each box, tied the ribbon in a cute bow and then added names using paint pens on the box. I thought they turned out super cute and all the girls loved them!

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