What We Got For Christmas

The trees have been taken down, the lights put away and the Christmas season is now over (sad face). We thought it would be fun to relive it all a little and share our favorite gifts that we received. If you received any gift cards, you might want one of our gifts. Happy shopping!

Makenzie’s Top 5:

Philips Sonicare Power Toothbrush: $49.99 ($5 off with code HIGH5). I never thought a toothbrush would make my list of top 5 Christmas gifts, but this toothbrush is a game changer (plus it’s pink). With an automatic timer, you’ll be sure to get your 2 minutes of brushing in every time. Plus, your dentist will thank you.

Instant Pot: $99.99 (currently on sale at Target for $69.95). I love to cook, but sometimes I get so tired of making the same old thing and dirtying a bunch of pans and plates to make one meal. The Instant Pot saves the day! You can even cook frozen chicken, which is so helpful for those days when you forget to defrost.

Kendra Scott Earrings: $58 These earrings are simple, but glam! They can go with pretty much any outfit and be dressed up or down. Love!

Charlotte Tilbury Blush: $40 I normally would not spend $40 for myself on a blush, which is why this makes such a great gift. The color Pillow Talk works for almost any skin tone and add the perfect amount of color to your cheeks.

My almost new (2016) Mazda CX-5: This was a Christmas gift to myself, but definitely tops the list of gifts this year. I purchased my car at Roger Beasley Mazda South and had a great buying experience. I love my (new to me) car!

Kellie’s Top 5

T3 Curling Iron: I’ve been eyeing this curling iron for almost a year so I finally decided to ask for it after I saw it on sale at Costco. I’ve been using the same curling iron since I was 16 and I have a heard time changing things up, but so far I love this new one. I stuck with the same clamp size of 1.25″. Make sure to check your local Costco to see if they still have any in stock, otherwise it’s on sale in link above!

Versace Perfume: Hands down my all time favorite perfume! I discovered this from a friend two years ago and I have worn it every day since. It smells amazing and lasts all day!

Timberland Waterproof Boots: Since I am now going to be a PNW local, my husband bought me my first pair of Timberland boots, and let me tell you, I am obsessed! Not only are they super cute, but they keep your feet and ankles super warm. If you live anywhere with a real winter, I can’t suggest these enough.

Laneige Lip Mask: Small, but mighty. This mask is a complete game changer! Makenzie actually gifted this to me after we both said we wanted to try it. I’ve used it every night since I opened it and now I truly understand the hype around this product. My lips are no longer dry when I wake up, which is a huge deal for me. I will use this product until the day I die, not kidding!

Abercrombie Puffer Jacket: One word, obsessed. Not only is this my favorite color, but it’s super soft and keeps me so warm. I love it so much I ordered another color (cream sherpa) the day after Christmas… is anyone else like that?! Personally, I would wait to buy until they have another sale because why would you want to pay full price? I’m waiting myself because I want to order the black faux fur! I feel like this is a great winter staple to have in your closet.

We hope this post was helpful for you! As always, don’t forget to follow along on Instagram @tallglassoffashion

XOXO Kell & Mak

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