Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

I LOVE dressing up for Halloween so I thought I would put together a list of super easy Halloween costumes that you can throw together at the last minute. Enjoy!

Netflix and Chill – One of my favorite costumes ever! This was super easy to make. I went to Michaels and purchased a men’s extra large white t-shirt and a red t-shirt for Stephen. I also purchased iron on transfer paper (there are different types for light fabrics and dark fabrics). I looked up Netflix font and the “Chill” and I printed both out on the transfer paper using the instructions on the package. Then, I ironed them onto the shirts. For mine, I cut the sleeves off and pinned the neck to make it a tank dress. I also purchased my snowflake headband from Michaels, but I’ve linked some similar options here.

You can shop our costumes here.

Pumpkin/Ghost – Another super simple option. I bought a pumpkin t-shirt and cut the sleeves to my liking. Added a bow to my hair and tall socks and I was a pumpkin! You could also do this with a ghost or pretty much anything you can find a t-shirt for.

You can shop my costume here.

Witch – Wear a black dress and a buy a witch hat and you’re good to go. I love this inspo.

Vampire/Victim – For this one I wore all black (easy!) and purchased some vampire teeth from our local costume store. For Stephen, I ripped a black t-shirt and purchased an open wound from our local costume store (follow package instructions for application). I’ve linked similar options here. I used red lipstick to make the dripping blood lines down my face.

You can shop our costumes here.

Cowgirl/Cowboy – Another option that you probably have at home. Pair a flannel with some denim and boots and you’re good to go. Here’s some inspo I love.

Deer and Hunter – Okay, this one was a bit more involved. I used a fur vest and suede shorts that I already had. I found the deer antlers at the costumes store and used paint (not face paint, but you should use face paint) to paint on my nose and the white dots. Be sure to over bronze on your cheeks and forehead, which makes the white dots stand out. For Stephen, we found camo pants and a hat at Target, but I’ll link some similar options.

You can shop our costumes here.

Outer Banks – We are HUGE fans of Outer Banks and the costume ides for this show couldn’t be simpler. Wear some denim cutoff shorts with a bikini top and open button down top and you’re good to go (and a shell necklace if you want to go even more full out). If you wanted to make this a couples costume, just have your guy wear some jeans or swim trunks with a messy button down shirt and a hat. We love this inspo here.

We hope these costume ideas are helpful as you plan your Halloween costumes out! My goal with Halloween isn’t to buy an entire new outfit/costume, but rather to use some stuff I have at home and a couple new things to make something inexpensive, but still really cute. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @tallglassoffashion for all things fashion, beauty, and LIFE! We’d love for you to tag us if you try any of these ideas out.

XOXO, Kell & Mak

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