Wedding Wednesday: Choosing Your Honeymoon Destination

We’re back with another #WeddingWednesday! I’m so excited to be talking about all things honeymoon, but I’m going to break this up into a few segments because there’s so much that goes into planning your honeymoon! This week I’ll be sharing a few tips that’ll help you and your significant other pick your destination!

Jesse and I went to Hawaii for our honeymoon and we had the best time! We stayed in Kauai and Maui for 12 days total and had the absolute time of our lives. It was so nice to kick back and relax as husband and wife, especially after all the work that went into planning our wedding. When we sat down to talk about location, we really wanted something tropical, specifically wanted to adventure somewhere in the Caribbean. However, we got married in October and that is typically hurricane season, and we didn’t want to spend all that money just to be stuck inside. After weighing our options, we both decided on Hawaii! It was a new place for us to experience together as a couple and we were so excited!

No matter where or when you decide to honeymoon, I guarantee you will have the best time together, but here are a few tips to help you choose that perfect location you both will enjoy.

BUDGET – This is so important. If you can’t afford to travel to Bora Bora, then I suggest you don’t get your hopes up. Weddings are EXPENSIVE and so is traveling. After spending all that money on your wedding, it’s hard to think about how much you’ll spend on your honeymoon. Jesse and I were lucky because both our parents helped us with our wedding, and we were able to use some of his parents money to help us pay for the major expenses for Hawaii. I highly suggest you sit down and list out all expenses; travel, hotel costs (including the daily resort fee + valet fee, if applicable), excursions you want to experience, food + drink, and all the other smaller costs. This will help you gauge your budget for your destination. This will also help you save your money so you’re able to have plenty of spending money during your vacation!

WHERE TO – Decide what type of climate you and your significant other want to experience. Do you want to sit on the beach with your toes in the sand? Maybe you want to travel the streets of Paris and drink lots of wine while eating your body weight in cheese. Or maybe you want to hop in a car and cross-country road trip together. Whatever you decide, make sure you make the best of it because this is seriously a trip you’ll never forget! Honestly, you’ll probably never have a vacation as fun as your honeymoon, so when picking the destination, make sure BOTH of you want to experience that place together!Going along with picking the destination, consider what type of activities you will want to do together, if any at all. If you want to just relax and kick your feet up, you probably shouldn’t decide to go backpacking in Europe.

HOW LONGSomething you’ll definitely need to factor into your decision is how long you both have to take off from work and life. You may have taken a few days off before and during the wedding, so you’ll want to be sure you both are able to take extra days off from work before embarking on a 2 week European adventure. If you’re short on time, try looking at locations close by (or closer). Luckily, we were both able to take off enough time for a 12 day trip to Hawaii, but if we weren’t able to we probably would have chose something closer like Scottsdale, AZ or wine country. Don’t forget to factor in travel time! There are also lots of couples who choose to wait for their honeymoon. They’ll go back to work for awhile and then take their honeymoon when they have more vacation time. This is totally fine too if that’s what works best for you!

At the end of the day your honeymoon is all about YOU. Don’t let anyone else influence your decisions because this is your vacation. You and your significant other will have the best time together, no matter where you decide to travel!

Next week I will share our Hawaii travel guide! Trust me, you don’t want to miss it. Especially if you’re traveling to Hawaii anytime in the near future.

If you are planning your own wedding or are helping a friend and need advice, please reach out to us! I would love to offer some help throughout the process. We hope you all enjoyed this #WeddingWednesday and we can’t wait to keep sharing our insights throughout the coming weeks.

As always, be sure to follow us on Instagram @tallglassoffashion. We’ll see you there!

XOXO Kell & Mak

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