Wedding Wednesday – Registry Must Haves

Hi ladies! I thought it would be fun to share my top FIVE favorite items we put on our wedding registry! We use these all of the time and I can’t recommend them enough. If you are a bride, I would highly consider adding these to your registry as well!

Even if you aren’t a bride and are looking to buy something for yourself, most of these items are on major SALE… self care is good for the soul, right?!

  1. KitchenAid Mixer – I HIGHLY suggest adding this one to your registry! We put a limited edition mixer on our list because the mixing bowl was super cute… we wanted an all white mixer to match our future all white kitchen! We’ve used this so much, definitely worth the money.
  2. Panini Maker – This is probably my husband’s favorite thing we received! This actually wasn’t on our list, but my brother gifted it to us and let me tell you, it was a mistake we didn’t have this on our registry before. Making paninis on the weekends is our new normal.
  3. Bedding – Can’t say this enough, bedding is expensive! If you add this to your registry, you can assume a few people will go in on the gift which is perfect because then you can cross this off your list! Ours is waiting patiently to be used in our future home. We got ours from Pottery Barn and LOVE it!
  4. Le Creuset – You can’t go wrong with anything from Le Creuset. They are expensive, but I’m sure a few people will go in on the gift together. We received the pot and a cast-iron pan and we love both of them!
  5. Dyson Vacuum – If you’re a clean freak like us, you’ll definitely need/want a great vacuum! The one we wanted was close to $500 so we knew we probably wouldn’t be getting this item, BUT we received plenty of gift cards so we were able to purchase this after we got back form our honeymoon. The Dyson we picked out is great and we use it all the time!

We rounded up all of these items and linked them HERE if you’d like to shop or share with your friends!

If you are planning your own wedding or are helping a friend and need advice, please reach out to us! I would love to offer some help throughout the process. We hope you all enjoyed this #WeddingWednesday and we can’t wait to keep sharing our insights throughout the coming weeks. 

As always, be sure to follow us on Instagram @tallglassoffashion. We’ll see you there!

XOXO Kell & Mak

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