Wedding Wednesday – Details, Details, Details

Hi ladies! We’re back with another Wedding Wednesday on the blog, this week featuring a few of my favorite details from my big day. It’s a long read, but totally worth it if you need major wedding inspo!


A few years ago my grandpa passed away, without Jesse every getting to really know him. We were so close and I knew from the beginning I wanted him to be apart of our day one way or another. Our venue was called Hummingbird Nest Ranch and my entire family truly believes my grandpa was reincarnated as a Hummingbird because he loved them so much. My Grandpa was also born in 1919 and we got married on October 19. None of that was planned (we didn’t even want an October wedding), but I truly believe it was meant to be that way because he wanted to be with us on that day! I added a simple charm to my bouquet, that way he was with me the entire day. It was so beautiful and something I am so glad I ended up doing.


From the beginning we always wanted to write our own vows. It was something we were both so nervous to do, but LOVED doing it. They were personal and beautiful. I bought these vow books for us each and had our photographer take a picture so we could always look back on how special they were.


At our entrance we had the typical wedding entrance sign, along with a table for our guestbook, card, and gifts. All of the wooden signs re from @MulberryMarket on Instagram. They make the prettiest items, I used them a TON for my wedding for another wedding activities. We also had a refreshments table, with water and lemonade, that guests could enjoy before and during the ceremony.


If there’s one “picture perfect” thing I loved from our wedding, it was definitely the arch. It was SO beautiful, even better in person, and really made our ceremony look the way it did. My florist truly did an amazing job!

We decided to place “reserved for family” placards on a few seats in the first few rows, just so our family could sit there and not in the back. We also placed “kiss, cheer, toss” cups with rose petals inside of them so people could toss them as we walked down the aisle as husband & wife!


Now, when I tell you it took me MONTHS to create this look, I am not lying. I had a few different style ideas in my head of what I wanted our day to look like. I always wanted to have gold accents, but I have a few people in my life who don’t love gold so I felt like THEY wouldn’t like it. About two months before my wedding I made the switch from silver to gold and I am so happy I did. Everything looked perfect and so timeless.

On each place setting we had a “thank you” cards for guests, just thanking them for being there that night and for supporting us all those years. We also had a little garnish to bring the entire look together. I really love how it all turned out!

We decided to include a lounge area so guests had a place to go and relax if they needed a break from the dance floor. Just a couch, a few chairs and lots of florals. I saw plenty of guests using this area throughout the night, so if you are hesitant to add one, I highly suggest doing it. Sometimes people just need a place to kick their feet up.

Oh and don’t even get me started on the chandeliers! They were my favorite part about our reception. We added three, and those were also a last minute add, but wow I am so glad I did! They really brought the entire space together and perfected the look I was going for.


A dessert bar is something we knew we wanted from the start. We both LOVE sweets, but aren’t huge cake people. So we decided to have a little bit of everything. From cupcakes, to brownie bites, mini pies, cake balls, cookies and a 3-tier cake, everything was DELICIOUS!

We had what a rental company would call a “buffet table” with a super cool wooden backdrop that I also rented. I ordered the sign from @HappilyEverEtched and I LOVE the look it brought to the dessert bar. It was so beautiful!


This was something we decided to add literally two weeks before our big day. We started thinking, “what happens after the sparklers exit? Do we just walk away?” That’s when I did my research and found this super unique getaway car that is specifically for weddings. They were waiting for us at the end of our exit, and they even drove us to In-N-Out so we could get a late night snack. My coordinator and florist decorated the back of the car and it was so beautiful. Definitely worth the money and it is definitely a memory I will never forget. It was the perfect ending to our perfect day!

If you are planning your own wedding or are helping a friend and need advice, please reach out to us! I would love to offer some help throughout the process. We hope you all enjoyed this #WeddingWednesday and we can’t wait to keep sharing our insights throughout the coming weeks. 

As always, be sure to follow us on Instagram @tallglassoffashion. We’ll see you there!

XOXO Kell & Mak

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